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Letting Go

Philip Roth is dead.  He was old, and it wasn’t exactly sad, and he wasn’t writing fiction anymore, so what did we get from him anyway?  Just two days ago I reread an interview he did with the Times by … Continue reading

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Burgess of the Bilabial Fricative

The Doctor is Sick, Anthony Burgess, 1960 “‘You’ve got this obsession, haven’t you?’ said Dr. Railton. ‘With words, I mean.’” Dr. Edwin Spindrift does. He’s a philologist, a linguist with an obsession with the bilabial fricative, “sound, etymology and lexical definition.” … Continue reading

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Today is Victory in Europe Day

And in commemoration of that momentous occasion, the great radio dramatist Norman Corwin wrote a radio program called “On A Note of Triumph,” that told the story of the war and reflected on the promise of a world where fascism … Continue reading

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      Jacques Lacan & Jean-Luc Mélenchon look very similar.            L’objet petit a pour Monsieur Mélenchon?  C’est la degagisme, non?  Et pour Lacan, mais, c’est difficile de comprendre.  Alors, j’essai encore et retourne dans quelques années pour … Continue reading

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What of the lowly page number?

Check out a story I wrote about page numbers in The Outline:

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Stalingrad Forever

On the 75th anniversary of the triumph of one of the greatest and most terrible chapters in history, a grueling forever battle where 1,129,619 Soviets died in life or death defense of not only their city but the civilized world … Continue reading

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A Dynamic World

Red Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson Red Mars is, quite simply, a perfect novel. It combines the thrilling driving intensity of a compelling plot with the capability for insight and introspection and revealing observation. Its descriptions of the fourth planet, … Continue reading

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