Youtube Comments I Like

—Last Updated 5/21/2018

Stevie Wonder Perfect Song for Every Emotion

-It’s true, from Lately.

Chaka Khan Police

-Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody

Stevie Wonder That Girl

-Stevie Wonder – That Girl

Allen McGrier Teena Marie

-From Teena Marie’s I Need Your Lovin!  The bassist comments.  I’ve come across a bunch of these sorts of comments over the years, where musicians who played on the original great tracks comment with some interesting perspective or information on an old tune they played on.  I love it.

Heart Broken Neil Young

-I think this is from “Hey Babe” by Neil Young

Younger Niels

-This is from a Neil Young song too, I like how Jeff work-shopped the joke

Enjoying Diversity


Cherish Temporex Comment

-From this song by Temporex.  I wish Cherish hadn’t added the lol at the end to disarm what she was saying.

247sapphire Major 7th Chords Sunset Rollercoaster

-From this song by Sunset Rollercoaster.  I like Major 7th chords too.

JustPita Romance Cuco Comment

-“In love, fidelity signifies this extended victory: the randomness of an encounter defeated day after day through the invention of what will endure,” writes Badiou.

Randy Nixon Judy Blue Eyes Suite

From Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Spelled vs Spelt

-I think this is from “Sing me a Song of Social Significance,” from the revue Pins & Needles

Pat The Bunny Rider Finn

-Just a nice touching sort of anecdote under a great Wingnut Dishwashers Union song